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O thou who camest from above

the fire celestial to impart,

kindle a flame of sacred love

on the mean altar of my heart.

There let it for thy glory burn

with inextinguishable blaze,

and trembling to its source return

in humble prayer and fervent praise.

Jesus, confirm my heart's desire

to work and speak and think for thee;

still let me guard the holy fire

and still stir up the gift in me.

Still let me prove thy perfect will,

my acts of faith and love repeat;

till death thy endless mercies seal,

and make the sacrifice complete.

Welcome to the website of Seaham Harbour and Dawdon Parish servicing a rich and diverse part of East Durham.  The Parish activity is centred over two churches: St John the Evangelist situated at the head of Church Street in the heart of Seaham Harbour; a historic and beautiful building and All Saints, a more contemporary building located just off the Avenue on the Deanside Estate; built as a mission Church just over fifty years ago.

The Parish ethos is of traditional Anglian style under the episcopal care of the Bishop of Beverly in the Diocese of Durham and in the Deanery of Easington.  Its worship is focused on the Eucharist which is celebrated daily, complete with morning and evening prayer.

The Parish clergy are Father Peter Twisleton (Parish Priest) and Father Chris Collins (Honorary Assistant Priest) who will be pleased to help with any enquiries about the Parish and matters of faith.

Below details information of our Service times and we hope you find this website informative by using the tabs above to navigate around the site.

Services at St. Johns and All Saints

August 2014

St. John's

All Saints

Sunday 5th

18thSunday in Ordinary Time

10:30 a.m.


Sunday 12th

19thSunday in Ordinary Time



Sunday 19th

20thSunday in Ordinary Time



Sunday 26th

21stSundayin Ordinary Time



Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday St. John's 9:30 a.m.

Every Thursday All Saints 9:30 a.m.

Church Picture

St. John's Church

Vestry Telephone Numbers
St. Johns 0191-5819921
All Saints 0191-5814733

Sweet sacrament divine,

hid in thy earthly home,

lo, round thy lowly shrine,

with suppliant hearts we come;

Jesus, to thee our voice we raise,

in songs of love and heartfelt praise,

sweet sacrament divine,

sweet sacrament divine.

Sweet sacrament of peace,

dear home of ev'ry heart,

where restless yearnings cease,

and sorrows all depart;

there in thine ear all trustfully

we tell our tale of misery,

sweet sacrament of peace,

sweet sacrament of peace.

Sweet sacrament of rest,

ark from the ocean's roar,

within thy shelter blest

soon may we reach the shore;

save us, for still the tempest raves,

save, lest we sink beneath the waves,

sweet sacrament of rest,

sweet sacrament of rest.

Sweet sacrament divine,

earth's light and jubilee,

in thy far depths doth shine

thy Godhead's majesty;

sweet light, so shine on us, we pray,

that worthless joys may fade away,

sweet sacrament divine,

sweet sacrament divine.